Patnitop – An Ideal Weekend Getaways from Delhi & Punjab

Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Planning short trips to unblemished and uncharted territories provides an opportunity to get away from the hectic work schedule and enjoy some moments close to nature. There are various spectacular and astounding destinations for you to choose from, but the aura and vibe you encounter at Patnitop cannot be compared with any other place. Here we will tell you why Patnitop is one of the best places for weekend getaways from Delhi & Punjab.

Today, almost every person is trying to get ahead of others, working day and night to win the competition. This induces nothing but stress on the mind and body. It is important to give some time to yourself so as to reduce mental and physical stress as much as possible.

Paragliding in Patnitop:

paragliding in patnitop

While sailing through the air at an altitude of 2024 meters, indulge in the most beautiful feeling you can ever experience. You can enjoy this fun-filled activity at Dawariyai, situated on Patnitop-Sanasar road.

This place is commonly known as Billoo Di Powri point. In order to reach the spot, you have to climb over 400 rock-carved steps, but the effort is worth the adventure. The flight duration is somewhere between 7-15 minutes, and upon successful completion of the ride, you will land at Kud.

Safety Tips:

Select a certified service provider that offers the best safety gear.

Skiing in Patnitop:

skiing in patnitop

The Skiing services at famous destinations like Pahalgam (J&K), Gulmarg (J&K), Solang Nala (HP), Munsiyari (Uttaranchal), Manali (HP), Kufri (HP), etc., are offered mainly for experts, but the Skiing slopes in Patnitop are gentle and modest.

Hence, those with no prior skiing experience can also have the best time of their lives. The famous skiing spot in Patnitop is Nathatop – just 14 km from Patnitop.

Safety Tips:

While going for a skiing session, ensure the equipment is tightly fitted.

Trekking in Patnitop:

trekking in patnitop

Trek through the dense vegetation of Patnitop to reach a location situated at an elevation of 2711 meters – Nathatop. The area is covered in thick snow during winters and one can experience the breath-taking views of The Great Himalayas.

You can also find numerous roadside vendors selling delicious food making your weekend getaways from Delhi & Punjab even more pleasant.

Safety Tips:

Keep all your trekking equipment with you and get basic information on what to do in case of an animal attack?

Other places like Sanasar Lake, Shiva Garh, Baglihar Dam, etc. make Patnitop one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi and Punjab.

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