6 Thrilling and Exciting Adventure Places in India to visit

6 Thrilling and Exciting Adventure places in India to visit

India is usually known for its magnificent heritage and scenic beauty. Traditionally, tourists from across India and abroad travel to or within India to experience monuments, culture, or heritage. However, there is another segment that has significantly increased in the last decade. This refers to the tourist who wants to let go of the usual tourist destinations and experience destinations that offer thrilling and exciting experiences like never before. In this blog, we will share with you 6 thrilling and exciting adventure places in India that would please the adventure junky inside you. Over the years several tourist destinations and activities have emerged that allow visitors to the best of nature, adventure, and technology.

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Table of Content:

  1. Rock climbing in Shey
  2. Adventure activities at Skyview Patnitop
  3. Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur
  4. Snorkeling in the Andaman Islands
  5. Caving and Trekking in Meghalaya
  6. River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

1. Rock Climbing in Shey

rock climbing in shey
Source: Treebo

Located in Ladakh, Shey offers rock climbing experiences unlike anywhere else as it is the best cragging near Leh in Ladakh. The rock is made of monzogranite similar to the ones found in Arizona. It is also the only rock in Leh that can be climbed. Local guides will be able to assist you in terms of routes and the best possible way to reach the top. As most cliffs face south-east, we would recommend that you start your trek in the second half of the day. You can also visit the Shey Monastery while you are here. A word of caution here, there are certain rocks that have Buddhist text paintings on them, these rocks are not to be climbed.

2. Adventure Activities and Gondola at Skyview Patnitop


Skyview Patnitop offers a gamut of adventure activities and is one of the popular adventure places in India. Nestled in Patnitop, J&K, this destination offers the highest ropeway in India in terms of ground clearance, zigzag zipline, magic carpet, and a tubing sledge amidst a scenic location and along with dining options. This largest Indo-French mountain tourism infrastructure project is definitely one of the top places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir. One can visit Skyview Patnitop throughout the year as every season offers a unique experience of the ambiance.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur

hot air balloon

Jaipur is not known as one of the many adventure places in India, but traditionally, it is known for its heritage tourism. However, you can now experience the thrill of a hot air balloon tour. Via this aerial tour, you can get a never like view of the Jal Mahal, Amber Fort, and Shiv Villas. These rides are usually conducted 2 hours before sunrise and 2 hours after sunset. The maximum elevation of the flight is 1200 feet from the ground leaving you with an experience like never before!

4. Snorkeling in the Andaman Islands


The clear waters of Andaman Island’s Elephant beach make it the ideal destination for snorkeling. Unlike other beaches in India, beaches of Andaman are less crowded. One can see the wonders that reside under the water. These include fishes of all sizes and type, and undamaged corals and reefs. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is as if one visits an alternative world altogether. You can also explore snorkeling at Jolly Buoy, Red Skin Island, and Neil Island. The best time to experience snorkeling is from November to May.

5. Caving and Trekking in Meghalaya

caving and trekking adventure places in india

Not many are aware that Meghalaya has over 1200 caves stretching over 300 kilometers thanks to the abundant deposits of limestone, high level of rainfall, and elevation. All these together allow you to explore the thrill of caving like anywhere else in India. The cave trek will give you an opportunity to marvel at the abundant formations created over thousands of years. These treks are not easy and will test the best of trekkers as one requires swimming and walking to navigate the caves making it one of the best adventure places in India to visit. We would strongly suggest that you hire a trained and experienced caver to ensure safety at all times.

6. River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

river rafting adventure places in india

A river rafting experience on the Brahmaputra river in the remote regions of Arunachal Pradesh is an experience that you would not want to miss out on if you truly are an adventure enthusiast. River rafting of this nature and difficulty requires the best of team-work, coordination, and physical health. However, I would surely recommend this to challenge the best of you. There are several local travel and tour companies that offer a variety of packages and offers. The ideal time to experience this would be from November to early December. In addition to the rush of adrenaline, this will also allow you to experience remote tribal settlements of Arunachal Pradesh.