8 Hidden Adventure Places in India that you must visit after the Lockdown

adventure places in india

Time to explore the unexplored? Not yet, but can you plan it all with the time you have right now? Oh yes! The current lockdown is helping people realize what a treasure, traveling is! We’re also lucky that our country, India is the homeland of insane adventurous destinations that’ll bring out the daredevil in you. So here’s a list of 8 hidden adventure places in India that you must visit after the lockdown:


Krem Dam, Meghalaya, India

If caving is something that excites you then you should definitely visit this place. Situated in the heart of  Meghalaya, it is the biggest sandstone cave in the Indian subcontinent. It is approximately 1297 m long and provides a unique adventure. You can enjoy the beach view amidst the cave which is surreal on its own. Also, during monsoons, you might get lucky and see a waterfall. This wonderland is probably one of those few unexplored areas that should be on your adventure bucket list. 



A Sky Waltz Balloon Safari is the ultimate experience in Jaipur. Home to more than just the royal palaces and forts, Jaipur has a lot to offer to adventurers! A hot air balloon tour over the desert of Jaipur is an adrenaline adventure you must go for. It will give a new outlook of Jaipur and a bird’s eye view of the city. Get mesmerized with the hidden palaces and historical view from the top angle as high as approximately 1200 feet. It is the most sought after adventure Jaipur offers!


Patinitop View

Patnitop is one of the finest tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir situated on a plateau of the Shivalik range of the great Himalayas. Skyview Patnitop is the heart of adventure sports in Jammu & Kashmir. It is one of the largest mountain infrastructure projects, offering enthralling activities and promises something for everyone – from children, moms, and dads right to the elderly! Operating one of the highest ropeways in India, it leaves you with a breathtaking view. But safety comes first! Built with the latest technology, the Skyview Patnitop ropeway is one of the highest and safest CEN (European) Standard certified ropeway in Asia with one of the longest spans between its towers. These spacious avant-garde gondolas are crafted for a year-round experience. The ride will leave you amazed at the captivating landscape and a birds-eye view of this scenic destination. Other than the Gondola ride? Choose from a bunch of adventure activities like ziplining, magic carpet, tube sledging, and many more!  From delicious cuisines to a dedicated kid’s zone Skyview’s property offers a lot to make your getaway a memorable one. If you are looking for the best adventure places in India, then you should give it a try to Skyview Patnitop



The Satpura ranges in Madhya Pradesh is one of the best spots for trekking and rock climbing in India! It constitutes one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. The view is mesmerizing and you get to explore lesser-known sites in the Satpura Ranges of Madhya Pradesh. Other than that, camping is another gem that you can explore on the silent banks of the river and witness the most beautiful sunset.



Kumaon is a sight to behold in Bhimtal and it is one of the grand mountains, offering biking and cycling in the region. You can explore this enchanting region cycling through villages, valleys, forests and close interaction with friendly village folks. It’s high time you planned to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime getaway with your friends! So, escape into the wilderness – make it an aim to ride your mountain bike amidst the majestic views as soon as you get the chance!


Pabbar Valley Region

The Pabbar valley region situated upstream of Rohru, Himachal Pradesh is an ideal spot for people who love to fish! It is a spectacular site for trout fishing. You can also enjoy the sight of lofty mountains with the greenery spread all over. This region has a criss-cross of various rivers that have an immense stock of fishes like Brown Trout, Catfish, Rohu, and Catla. It is an exquisite place for you to spend your day and considered to be a paradise of anglers.


chadar trek adventure places in india

Ladakh, ‘The Land of the Mystic Lamas’ is a dream destination for all the adventure junkies. From mountain biking to trekking, every activity gives you goosebumps!

Can you imagine walking on a river?

Yes, you read it right.
The famous Chadar Trek, an ice walk on the frozen river will give you a solid Game of Thrones vibe! This is exactly the place where you want to be. It is a thrilling experience for the brave-hearted and thrill-seekers. Rest assured, this is the one trip that’ll leave you with moments you won’t forget in a lifetime!


dhana adventure places in india

Go for the breathtaking aerial view in the serene town of Dhana, Madhya Pradesh. Tick off your Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara moment from your to-do-list.  Freefalling from the sky with speed over 120 mph is an experience you can relate to once you are doing it. Gazing at the breathtaking landscape, capturing the experience from the camera makes all worth it!
So get your heart racing and dive headfirst in the blue sky like a bird.

Ready to explore these epic adventure places in India? 

As the saying goes, “People don’t take trips. Trips take people!”

So, prep up and let these activities fuel the wanderlust in you!