Famous Jammu & Patnitop Delicacies You Must Try

Places to eat in Patnitop

If you are up for a great weekend getaway from Delhi and Punjab, then you must consider visiting Jammu and Patnitop. Apart from witnessing the mesmerizing views of the magnificent Himalayas, flying above the tall Deodar and Kail trees offered by Skyview Patnitop, one of Asia’s most scenic ropeways with the highest ground clearance and walking on the non-polluted and untouched soil of mother nature, you also get to savour on some of the best delicacies you have ever tasted. Let’s have a look at some of the best places to eat in Patnitop and the famous Jammu and Patnitop delicacies that are worth trying:

Kaladi Kulcha: Devour this delicious and scrumptious meal made from cheese – prepared from cow milk or goat milk – served with kulchas and cooked vegetables. Enjoy the salsa of various flavours and let your taste buds dance on the bite beats. Kaladi Kulcha originates from Udhampur and if you want to feast upon the original Kaladi, then you can visit Udhampur. Less than 2 hours drive from Patnitop as well as Jammu, Udhampur is also famous for its forts, shrines, and temples.

Kalakand: Kalakand is one of the most popular sweets in India. Prepared from sweetened milk and paneer, garnished with dry fruits, you will surely gulp down the entire piece in a single go. Though available in every part of India, the most delicious Kalakand is surely prepared in Kud. The number of
people stopping their vehicles on the narrow hill road, while clogging the entire traffic flow, and buying this delicacy in huge quantities at local sweet shops is a scene worth watching. Located just 8 km from Patnitop, it takes less than 20 minutes to reach the Kud market.

Son Papdi: Also known as Sohan Papdi or Patisa, Son Papdi is prepared from gram and Maida flour mixed together with ghee, milk, water, and sugar syrup. These cube-shaped sweets melt in your mouth and its awesome taste makes it very difficult to resist. Again, Kud wins the slot for the best son papdi one can eat. Kud is also famous for various other sweets and you can find numerous sweet vendors offering you samples to taste.

Khatta Meat: This scrumptious and delectable cuisine reflects the flavours of the Dogra Dynasty. It is a meat recipe prepared with a lot of ingredients. As the name suggests, Khatta Meat is sour in taste owing to anardana or amchur used in its preparation. Most delectable Khatta Meat is available in Jammu and can be feasted upon at various famous restaurants of Jammu.

Rajma Chawal: It might seem to be over exaggerating if someone tells you that the most delicious rajma chawal can be found at a remote location – Peeda – on Jammu-Srinagar highway. However, this statement is actually true! If you are in Patnitop, a 30-minute drive is all that takes you to this mouth-watering meal.

So, pack your bags and spend your next weekend at Patnitop. Visit Skyview Patnitop to indulge in breath-taking adventurous activities, devour delectable cuisines and create unlimited & unforgettable memories.