Treat your Senses at Skyview Patnitop with Affordable Accommodation and Adventure Options

A place where all imagination takes flight, where beauty finds itself scattered in the morning dew and stars that light up the night. A place where the wonders of nature meet scintillating experiences. A place we call Skyview Patnitop.

For all those who seek solace in the lap of nature, Skyview Patnitop Adventure Valley offers memories of a lifetime that too in an affordable package.

This blog will help you discover the charm of Patnitop with exciting offerings by Skyview Patnitop. Read on!

Day 1

The day will start with your arrival at Jammu Airport. Our representative will pick you up and a clean, comfortable private taxi will drive you to Skyview Patnitop. The distance of 95km is covered in approximately two hours, passing through the four-lane highway and several small tunnels.

Before you check-in at India’s highest ropeway in terms of ground clearance, your arrival will be celebrated with a welcome lunch prepared by our highly trained F&B team. After immersing yourself in our curated culinary delights, you will be transported to your hotel located in Patnitop via our state-of-the-art ropeway, hovering over a majestic expanse of lush green forests.


This will be followed by local sightseeing across the meadows where breathtakingly beautiful elements of nature await you. To add a spiritual touch to your journey, don’t miss out on visiting the 600-year-old Nag Temple which can either be done on foot or via taxi that you can hire. The tiring day will be brought to a relaxing halt with a crackling bonfire under a starlit sky where you and your loved ones can gather to tell each other stories, to share a pint of flowing laughter, and to hum softly to your favourite melodies.

Day 2

Every moment spent with Skyview Patnitop is a promise of affection. In Patnitop, you will experience such care not just in the mesmerizing surroundings, but also in our hospitality.

We recommend that you begin your day at 7:30 AM with sightseeing in Sanasar and Nathatop. As the morning breeze caresses you, be prepared for an electrifying adventure with activities such as horse riding and boating. For those on the gentler side, a walk-through splendid apple orchard can inspire poetry or simply leave you hungry for a bite! And if neither is of interest to you, ancient temples are waiting for you to visit and seek blessings.

Located at an altitude of 2133 meters, Nathatop has a lot to offer besides the bewitching fragrance of wild pine and deodar forests. Whether you are keen on a sentimental walk or adrenaline-pumping pursuits, we strongly recommend exploring Nathatop.


On your arrival at the upper terminal at 12:30 PM, access Skyview Patnitop’s lower terminal via the 2.8km ropeway. We are sure this 12-15 minutes of the journey will successfully create a permanent place in your memory thanks to the spacious ropeway cabin hovering lush evergreen forests.

At the end of the journey, you can enjoy a sumptuous lunch at one of our restaurants.

Hiking combines ancient wisdom with a modern thrill and has become not only a vital exercise but also a medium to reconnect with our inner self. After your lunch, you will be taken for our unique Leisure Trail Hike at Skyview Patnitop. Our guide will lead you during the soul-stirring walk to Adventure Mountain located at Skyview Patnitop’s Lower Terminal.

What you cannot afford to miss is the longest zigzag zipline in India with 9 wires and 10 poles for that rip-roaring experience. Staring at the world from that height, suspended in the middle of verdant valleys, can offer life-altering perspectives like never before.

The earlier magic carpet was confined to fantasy fiction; Skyview Patnitop has stolen it from the storybooks just for you. Amongst an impressive array of experiences, it promises to its guests, moments of timelessness in its picturesque landscape stand unparalleled. This place is a bridge for your soulful solitude to meet the impassioned beauty of the wild.

Soothe your senses with a warm cup of Kashmiri Kehwa and munch on some delicious snacks to end your day. Toss away all your troubles, and live life from one moment to the other. If you want to purchase some gifts for your loved ones back home or simply keep a souvenir of your memories, Hands of Gold at Skyview Patnitop is your one-stop destination.

Day 3

Keeping the morning rush of peak hours in mind, we recommend that you check out and depart from the hotel by 10 AM. Do not forget to relish our flavorsome breakfast before you leave.

While on your way back, you can pamper your sweet tooth by stopping at Kud to buy the famous Patisah at Prem Sweets.