4 Best Places for Adventure Travel in India

4 best places for adventure travel

When it comes to the best places for adventure travel, no one can omit India from their bucket list as the country offers a lot to adventure seekers. The wide range of the place that falls under the mighty Himalayan region makes it a must-visit place for travelers across the globe.

The highest peaks, best hiking trails, dense forests, and an amazing variety of flora and fauna are some of the tropical features that make India an epicenter for adventure tourism.

In this blog, we will be sharing the four amazing places that adventure seekers should not miss out on in India.

Table of Content

  1. River Rafting, Kashmir
  2. One Destination, Endless Adventure, Patnitop
  3. Goechala Trek, Sikkim
  4. Bike Trip, Manali to Leh

1. River Rafting, Kashmir

river rafting

Mesmerizing beyond words. Kashmir is known for its natural beauty. The pristine lakes, snow-clad mountains, and endless meadows have put Kashmir on the top of the tourism map in India and are one of the reasons that the place remains abuzz with tourists across the globe and is one of the best places for adventure travel.

Pahalgam is considered the most scenic place in the valley and this place is simply a paradise for those who are fond of water sports. This destination witnesses pleasant weather and climate throughout the year. It generally snows during the last portion of December and continues till March so the perfect time for river rafting remains April onwards. There are three stages of river rafting locally known as Lidder joy ride, Lidder long ride, and extra-long ride. The first stretch is 2.5 km,5 km, and 8 km with grade II to III and IV rapids on the Lidder River.

2. One Destination, Endless Adventure, Patnitop

Best Ropeways of India

For the people who connect with nature and seek solace in the lap of nature, Skyview Patnitop offers reminiscences for a lifetime. The amalgam of adventure and leisure are the prime reasons that this place has become the most favorite destination among travelers around the globe.

Situated at a distance of 95 kilometers from Jammu airport which is generally covered in two hours via the national highway that passes through many tunnels.

With an aim to promote mountain tourism, adventure activities in India, and public infrastructure, the Skyview Patnitop has the highest ropeway in India in terms of ground clearance. Skyview Patnitop also has Asia’s longest and best zig-zag zipline in India measuring 580 meters which includes nine wires and 10 poles. This ride will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Among the volley of offerings, one among the favorite experience remains an all-season tubing sledge of 238 meters, and India’s first ‘magic carpet.

Besides the scenic offerings, Skyview Patnitop has a variety of dining options catering to the culinary needs of visitors. The menu is served while following all the safety protocols of digital menus, social distancing, sanitized cutlery, and more!

3. Goechala Trek, Sikkim

goechala best places for adventure travel

Goechala is counted among the toughest treks in the Himalayan region. With an altitude of 4,940 ft, this level-4 difficult journey is completed in 10 days. Displaying the finest of the famed North-East, this trek is a way to get an inch closer to the legendary Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world making Goechala Trek one of the best places for adventure travel. Besides offering dazzling views of the Singalila range from the Dzongri top, this trek is also widely popular for the unmatchable sight of the sunrise over the Kangchenjunga range. The best times to plan a visit are the summer months of April and May where the region bursts into red and pink rhododendron blossoms, while some also prefer the stretch from September to December.

The Samiti Lake possesses ravishing beauty where early morning hours offer the quaint reflection of Mt. Pandim in the still waters of the lake. The charm of the journey is best captured in the quiet presence of suspension bridges, Pha Khola, Tshushay Khola, and Mentogang Khola, which hang above the gurgling Prekchu river.

4. Bike Trip, Manali to Leh

bike trip

Among all your journeys, this hiking trail in India is the best, and traveling here will be the memorable trip of your lifetime. The distance of 253 kilometers from Manali to Leh will be covered in 10 hours. You will be exploring natural beauty along with monasteries, lakes and high altitude passes ride across high passes like Nakeela Pass, Whisky Nallah, Lachulung La Pass, Pang, More Plains, and Tanglang La pass. And the moment you reach Leh you will be back by the beauty of the place and the freezing cold.

5 Ultimate travel bucket list ideas to tick before it’s too late

5 Ultimate Travel Bucket List Ideas to Tick Before It's Too Late

India is home to an extremely diverse natural and geographical setting. This diversity has resulted in several diverse places that offer unique experiences that one must experience at least once in their lives. When it comes to adventure, India is home to numerous locations that quench the thirst for an adventurist’s travel bucket list ideas. There are several adventure places to add to your list of travel buckets in India this year. Each location well represents the context of the country.

1. Alappuzha – House-Boat Cruise

Alappuzha travel bucket list ideas

Kerala or also called God’s Own Country is famous for a variety of reasons, which feature its art and culture, clean beaches, etc. These attract tourists from India and abroad in large numbers every year. A trip to Kerala is incomplete without a houseboat trip to Lake Alleppey. Famously known for its beaches, palm trees, and perfect temperature, Alleppey is one of the honeymoon destinations which is best enjoyed in a houseboat. Mornings and evenings can be extremely pleasant while you enjoy the serenity of Kerala.

2. Havelock Island – Scuba Diving

scuba diving

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most pristine holidaying destinations of India. A major attraction of Andaman is Havelock Island which is located just 70 km from Port Blair. For the last few years, it has emerged as the major destination for scuba diving, attracting tourists from across India making it a perfect destination for travel bucket list ideas. The pristine and clear blue sea waters ensure that you experience a scuba diving experience like no other.

3. Gulmarg – Skiing


Come winter, there is hardly any place better for adventure than Gulmarg. Situated at the fascinating height of 2690 meters above sea level, the stunning hill station is also known as ‘Meadow of Flowers’. This place was also a retreat since the Mughal Era and British officials used to play golf which is one of the highest golf courses in the world. Gulmarg is also the hub of winter activities and sports, including skiing and ice skating. Heli-skiing is also available for advanced skiers, thus making Gulmarg a definite inclusion in any adventurer’s bucket list.

4. Sunderbans – Royal Bengal Tiger Sighting

royal bengal tiger

Located in the dense forests of West Bengal, the Sunderbans is a mangrove in the delta formed by the confluence of Meghna, Brahmaputra, and Ganga in the Bay of Bengal. The major attraction of this natural wonder is the Royal Bengal Tiger, which is also the national animal of India. Witnessing these magnificent beasts in their natural habitat is nothing less of a spectacle that everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime.

5. Patnitop – Hiking Trails


100km from Jammu airport leads to Patnitop, an exquisite plateau on the Shivalik ranges of Himalaya mountains boasting dense green forests and picturesque views. For the adventure activities, Skyview Patnitop offers a range of adventures including magic carpet, hiking trails, birding, gondola ride, and zig-zag zipline Skyview Patnitop. In fact, its zipline is the first zig-zag zipline in India

6 Thrilling and Exciting Adventure Places in India to visit

6 Thrilling and Exciting Adventure places in India to visit

India is usually known for its magnificent heritage and scenic beauty. Traditionally, tourists from across India and abroad travel to or within India to experience monuments, culture, or heritage. However, there is another segment that has significantly increased in the last decade. This refers to the tourist who wants to let go of the usual tourist destinations and experience destinations that offer thrilling and exciting experiences like never before. In this blog, we will share with you 6 thrilling and exciting adventure places in India that would please the adventure junky inside you. Over the years several tourist destinations and activities have emerged that allow visitors to the best of nature, adventure, and technology.

Have a look!

Table of Content:

  1. Rock climbing in Shey
  2. Adventure activities at Skyview Patnitop
  3. Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur
  4. Snorkeling in the Andaman Islands
  5. Caving and Trekking in Meghalaya
  6. River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

1. Rock Climbing in Shey

rock climbing in shey
Source: Treebo

Located in Ladakh, Shey offers rock climbing experiences unlike anywhere else as it is the best cragging near Leh in Ladakh. The rock is made of monzogranite similar to the ones found in Arizona. It is also the only rock in Leh that can be climbed. Local guides will be able to assist you in terms of routes and the best possible way to reach the top. As most cliffs face south-east, we would recommend that you start your trek in the second half of the day. You can also visit the Shey Monastery while you are here. A word of caution here, there are certain rocks that have Buddhist text paintings on them, these rocks are not to be climbed.

2. Adventure Activities and Gondola at Skyview Patnitop


Skyview Patnitop offers a gamut of adventure activities and is one of the popular adventure places in India. Nestled in Patnitop, J&K, this destination offers the highest ropeway in India in terms of ground clearance, zigzag zipline, magic carpet, and a tubing sledge amidst a scenic location and along with dining options. This largest Indo-French mountain tourism infrastructure project is definitely one of the top places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir. One can visit Skyview Patnitop throughout the year as every season offers a unique experience of the ambiance.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur

hot air balloon

Jaipur is not known as one of the many adventure places in India, but traditionally, it is known for its heritage tourism. However, you can now experience the thrill of a hot air balloon tour. Via this aerial tour, you can get a never like view of the Jal Mahal, Amber Fort, and Shiv Villas. These rides are usually conducted 2 hours before sunrise and 2 hours after sunset. The maximum elevation of the flight is 1200 feet from the ground leaving you with an experience like never before!

4. Snorkeling in the Andaman Islands


The clear waters of Andaman Island’s Elephant beach make it the ideal destination for snorkeling. Unlike other beaches in India, beaches of Andaman are less crowded. One can see the wonders that reside under the water. These include fishes of all sizes and type, and undamaged corals and reefs. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is as if one visits an alternative world altogether. You can also explore snorkeling at Jolly Buoy, Red Skin Island, and Neil Island. The best time to experience snorkeling is from November to May.

5. Caving and Trekking in Meghalaya

caving and trekking adventure places in india

Not many are aware that Meghalaya has over 1200 caves stretching over 300 kilometers thanks to the abundant deposits of limestone, high level of rainfall, and elevation. All these together allow you to explore the thrill of caving like anywhere else in India. The cave trek will give you an opportunity to marvel at the abundant formations created over thousands of years. These treks are not easy and will test the best of trekkers as one requires swimming and walking to navigate the caves making it one of the best adventure places in India to visit. We would strongly suggest that you hire a trained and experienced caver to ensure safety at all times.

6. River Rafting in Arunachal Pradesh

river rafting adventure places in india

A river rafting experience on the Brahmaputra river in the remote regions of Arunachal Pradesh is an experience that you would not want to miss out on if you truly are an adventure enthusiast. River rafting of this nature and difficulty requires the best of team-work, coordination, and physical health. However, I would surely recommend this to challenge the best of you. There are several local travel and tour companies that offer a variety of packages and offers. The ideal time to experience this would be from November to early December. In addition to the rush of adrenaline, this will also allow you to experience remote tribal settlements of Arunachal Pradesh.

Looking for an Adrenaline Rush? Visit Skyview Patnitop: A Multi-Activity Destination

skyview patnitop leading multi activity adventure places in india

For the last 10-15 years, hospitality and outdoor offering have witnessed a significant development when it comes to having dedicated adventure places in India. One could hardly consider any destination that would either adhere to international norms or match adventure destinations located abroad. However, with the demand for such engagements increasing more than ever, Empyrean Skyview Projects Private Limited has come up with its pilot adventure destination named Skyview Patnitop by Empyrean.

Skyview Patnitop is a unique destination located in Patnitop, a beautiful hilltop in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir. This destination is home to India’s highest Ropeway in terms of ground clearance and features a gamut of adventure activities that are unique and first of its kind in India. Being a multi-activity destination, Skyview Patnitop has emerged as one of India’s leading tourism destinations since its commercial launch in 2019. Additionally, thanks to its serene location and year-round accessibility, one could say that it is the finest possible weekend getaways from Delhi and other north Indian states. Apart from being a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, it is also the ideal destination for family holidays, school picnics, and corporate trips. In 2019, Skyview Patnitop was awarded the Best Adventure Tourism Destination 2019 by The Travel & Tourism Excellence Award organized by FICCI and Ernst & Young.

Let us look at four aspects of this unique project that make it a must-visit for everyone!

India’s Highest Ropeway

indias highest ropeway

The USP of Skyview Patnitop is its ropeways, which covers a total distance of 2.8 km between the lower terminal of Sanget and upper terminal of Patnitop. This ropeway consists of 8 towers and 18 spacious cabins and adheres to the CEN (European) standard of ropeway safety norms. The ropeway is a fine fusion of world-class technology and the tranquillity of nature, raising the standard of gondola rides in India.

Zig-zag Zipline

zig zag zipline skyview patnitop

Although most of the adventurers may have experienced zipline before; however, the zigzag zipline at Skyview Patnitop is one of its kind. The zig-zag structure of this zipline just doubles the thill and makes it more adventurous and exciting. This zig-zag zipline is the longest in Asia with 580 meters of total length starting from the altitude of 1371 meters and ends at the altitude of 1344 meters above the sea level. The zipline features 9 wires and 10 poles with a capacity of 25 people per hour. Additionally, a highly trained and experienced team is always present to guide you and ensure your safety and well-being.

India’s First Magic Carpet

indias first magic carpet skyview patnitop

With the riding distance of 162 meters from bottom to top, Skyview Patnitop’s magic carpet is a must-try for every adventure seeker given the experience and view it provides to every rider onboard. The user-friendly design and highest safety standards help this carpet to cater to every age group. It is innovations like these here at Skyview Patnitop that makes it one of the most popular adventure places in India.

Tubing Sledge

tubing sledge at skyview patnitop adventure places in india

Most of our readers may have taken a ride of a tubing sledge in any waterpark or so but have you ever taken a ride in a dry tubing sledge rolling down a hill? If not, Skyview Patnitop is the place to be. This tubing sledge with the total downslope distance of 238 meters gives the person onboard the thrill and excitement like never. Moreover, the pleasing breeze and the view visible is a delight like no other. The unique mechanism of the dry tubing sledge helps it to operate with a highly efficient braking system making it extremely safe yet full of joy and fun.

All of these activities along with a range of dining and shopping options make Skyview Patnitop one of the best Multi-activity adventure places in India.

Your All India Travel Guide

Adventure places in india

From lofty mountains to dense forests, from sandy beaches to never-ending deserts, India is known for its mesmerising offerings when it comes to tourism. For every tourist, especially Indians, the mere thought of exploring all adventure places in India gives adrenaline chills, so why not try it! Skyview Patnitop has curated an easy guide for those who want to travel throughout India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Let’s get started!

Starting From Kashmir

Known as the ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir offers spectacular mountain ranges, luxuriant forests, serene lakes, colourful vegetation, and much more. A 3-day stay is enough to explore all the major attractions. One can take a flight from Kashmir to Jammu and witness the ‘City of Temples’, but a drive is recommended, as it allows to discover numerous places like Titanic View Point, Kud, Patnitop, and more. Moreover, Patnitop is home to Skyview by Empyrean, an adventure destination offering the highest ropeway in India, first grass tubing sledge in India, and first zig-zag zipline in India, among others. 

J&K to Manali

The journey can be covered via Spiti Valley. Popular destinations to visit are Hadimba Devi Mandir, Hampta Pass, and Chase Waterfalls.

Spiti Valley

Manali to Amritsar

The distance from Manali to Amritsar is around 400 km and can be covered through air travel, train, or drive. Must-visit attractions are Golden Temple, Wagah Border, Guru Ke Mahal, and Jallianwala Bagh.    


Amritsar to Delhi

This journey is full of fun as the road takes through the ‘Green City of India’, Chandigarh. Chandigarh is popular for its Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, and various parks. Once you arrive at Delhi, you can visit Qutub Minar, Red Fort, India Gate, Jamia Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Lotus Temple, and many such places.

india gate

Delhi to Jaipur

The journey is around 280 km. Jaipur offers a number of tourist spots including Amber Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Bapu Bazar, Galtaji Temple, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Abhaneri Stepwell, and many more. At least 2 days are a must to soak in all the beauty of this fascinating place.

Jal mahal

Jaipur to Mumbai

Being the business capital of the country, Mumbai is also known as the ‘City of Dreams’. Apart from the hustle and bustle of this busiest hub, there are some places that are worth-visiting such as Nariman Point, Elephanta Caves, and Gateway of India. 


Mumbai to Goa

Even if you are not a frequent traveller, you might still be aware of the tourism footfall of Goa. Being one of the famous holiday destinations in India, Goa offers beautiful beaches and fun-filled nightlife to its visitors. One can also enjoy adventure sports like paragliding, diving, and snorkelling here.


Goa to Bengaluru

Your next stop will be the IT Hub of India, Bengaluru. The capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru is famous for its gardens – Lalbagh Garden & Cuban Park, and palaces – Palace of Tipu Sultan & Bengaluru Palace. Don’t miss out on visiting these places!


Bengaluru to Kerala

Resting in the extreme south, you are now in one of the most beautiful parts of India. It offers sprawling gardens of tea and mighty waterfalls. Since the state records less amount of pollution, you are surely going to love your every breath here. Some of the recommended places to visit are Alleppey, Wayanad, Cochin, Munnar, and Kumarakom.


So, pack your bags and start on this adventure trip to explore and witness what our country has to offer. No matter how long it may take, but the fun is irresistible! 

8 Hidden Adventure Places in India that you must visit after the Lockdown

adventure places in india

Time to explore the unexplored? Not yet, but can you plan it all with the time you have right now? Oh yes! The current lockdown is helping people realize what a treasure, traveling is! We’re also lucky that our country, India is the homeland of insane adventurous destinations that’ll bring out the daredevil in you. So here’s a list of 8 hidden adventure places in India that you must visit after the lockdown:


Krem Dam, Meghalaya, India

If caving is something that excites you then you should definitely visit this place. Situated in the heart of  Meghalaya, it is the biggest sandstone cave in the Indian subcontinent. It is approximately 1297 m long and provides a unique adventure. You can enjoy the beach view amidst the cave which is surreal on its own. Also, during monsoons, you might get lucky and see a waterfall. This wonderland is probably one of those few unexplored areas that should be on your adventure bucket list. 



A Sky Waltz Balloon Safari is the ultimate experience in Jaipur. Home to more than just the royal palaces and forts, Jaipur has a lot to offer to adventurers! A hot air balloon tour over the desert of Jaipur is an adrenaline adventure you must go for. It will give a new outlook of Jaipur and a bird’s eye view of the city. Get mesmerized with the hidden palaces and historical view from the top angle as high as approximately 1200 feet. It is the most sought after adventure Jaipur offers!


Patinitop View

Patnitop is one of the finest tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir situated on a plateau of the Shivalik range of the great Himalayas. Skyview Patnitop is the heart of adventure sports in Jammu & Kashmir. It is one of the largest mountain infrastructure projects, offering enthralling activities and promises something for everyone – from children, moms, and dads right to the elderly! Operating one of the highest ropeways in India, it leaves you with a breathtaking view. But safety comes first! Built with the latest technology, the Skyview Patnitop ropeway is one of the highest and safest CEN (European) Standard certified ropeway in Asia with one of the longest spans between its towers. These spacious avant-garde gondolas are crafted for a year-round experience. The ride will leave you amazed at the captivating landscape and a birds-eye view of this scenic destination. Other than the Gondola ride? Choose from a bunch of adventure activities like ziplining, magic carpet, tube sledging, and many more!  From delicious cuisines to a dedicated kid’s zone Skyview’s property offers a lot to make your getaway a memorable one. If you are looking for the best adventure places in India, then you should give it a try to Skyview Patnitop



The Satpura ranges in Madhya Pradesh is one of the best spots for trekking and rock climbing in India! It constitutes one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. The view is mesmerizing and you get to explore lesser-known sites in the Satpura Ranges of Madhya Pradesh. Other than that, camping is another gem that you can explore on the silent banks of the river and witness the most beautiful sunset.



Kumaon is a sight to behold in Bhimtal and it is one of the grand mountains, offering biking and cycling in the region. You can explore this enchanting region cycling through villages, valleys, forests and close interaction with friendly village folks. It’s high time you planned to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime getaway with your friends! So, escape into the wilderness – make it an aim to ride your mountain bike amidst the majestic views as soon as you get the chance!


Pabbar Valley Region

The Pabbar valley region situated upstream of Rohru, Himachal Pradesh is an ideal spot for people who love to fish! It is a spectacular site for trout fishing. You can also enjoy the sight of lofty mountains with the greenery spread all over. This region has a criss-cross of various rivers that have an immense stock of fishes like Brown Trout, Catfish, Rohu, and Catla. It is an exquisite place for you to spend your day and considered to be a paradise of anglers.


chadar trek adventure places in india

Ladakh, ‘The Land of the Mystic Lamas’ is a dream destination for all the adventure junkies. From mountain biking to trekking, every activity gives you goosebumps!

Can you imagine walking on a river?

Yes, you read it right.
The famous Chadar Trek, an ice walk on the frozen river will give you a solid Game of Thrones vibe! This is exactly the place where you want to be. It is a thrilling experience for the brave-hearted and thrill-seekers. Rest assured, this is the one trip that’ll leave you with moments you won’t forget in a lifetime!


dhana adventure places in india

Go for the breathtaking aerial view in the serene town of Dhana, Madhya Pradesh. Tick off your Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara moment from your to-do-list.  Freefalling from the sky with speed over 120 mph is an experience you can relate to once you are doing it. Gazing at the breathtaking landscape, capturing the experience from the camera makes all worth it!
So get your heart racing and dive headfirst in the blue sky like a bird.

Ready to explore these epic adventure places in India? 

As the saying goes, “People don’t take trips. Trips take people!”

So, prep up and let these activities fuel the wanderlust in you!


Planning a Long Weekend Escape in Jammu?

Tourist places in Jammu & Kashmir

When you are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city trying your best to prove yourself on every front, a small vacation escape to the hills is what you need to revive yourself. Though there are a lot of holiday destinations in India worth-visiting, a trip to Jammu is most recommended owing to its immaculate beauty. The city of Jammu offers great tourist attractions, from religious sites to grand palaces, with a lush topography of spectacular glacier-laden hills, mesmerising valleys, picturesque towns, and much more. A perfect retreat for leisure travellers, honeymooners, and wildlife enthusiasts, Jammu attracts visitors from across the country. Let’s get straight to how you can make the most of your weekend vacation and which places to visit in Jammu. We have curated a list of tourist places in Jammu & Kashmir:

Day 1 – Arrival at Jammu and Local Sightseeing:

Early arrival at Jammu will give you enough time to visit some of the major hotspots of the city. A quick trip to Amar Mahal, Bahu Fort, Raghunath Temple, Mandi Palace will give you a brief idea on the historic facets of this ‘City of Temples’. Your stay at Jammu will enhance with some delicious top-ups of local dishes like Ambal, Khatta Meat, Aloo Dum, Pulao, and Maa da Madra, all complimented with famous sweets like Sund Panjeeri, Patisa, and Chocolate Barfi.

Day 2 – Jammu to Katra:

An easy 1-hour drive from Jammu will get you to Katra. There are various places to visit in Katra, each having its religious significance. Being home to one of the most important temples in India, Mata Vaishno Devi, you will find various cultural and religious sites here. It is also filled with undulating hillsides offering breathtaking views of great Himalayas.

For shopping freaks, a wide variety of dry fruits, leather articles, and tapestries are available on the main street to be bought as souvenirs for friends and family.

Day 3 – Katra to Patnitop:

A total distance of 70 km covered with a 2.5-hour drive from Katra, you will arrive at Patnitop. Located at an altitude of 6640 ft. above the sea level, it is nestled amidst the lush and luxuriant forest cover. Offering panoramic views of the Shivalik Range, Patnitop offers a number of places that you can visit. When it comes to the tourist places in Patnitop, you can visit Madhatop, Nathatop, Sanasar Lake, and Naag Temple among others. Each destination offers unique experiences for you to take part in. You can trek through some uncharted terrains at Madhatop, paraglide through the skies at Nathatop, or take a serene stroll at Sanasar Lake.

Day 4 – Adventure Time at Skyview

Skyview Patnitop is a one-stop destination for endless experiences. Be it indulging in the adrenaline-pumping activities or relishing lip-smacking delights from around the globe or simply getting up close to nature, you are going to find it all. There is a reason why we have suggested a full day at Skyview!

Adventure Activities:

Gondola Ride: Designed with the latest French technology in collaboration with POMA, Gondola at Skyview covers a total span of 2.8 km and adheres to CEN (European) standard of safety norms. It is the highest ropeway in India (highest ground clearance) with the longest span of 849 m between two of its eight towers. With a total of 18 cabins, each capable to accommodate up to 8 adults, you are bound to have a great time, no matter how large is your group. All in all, a great experience for everyone!

Zipline: Participate or compete with your friends along with a series of 9 zip wires. Built-in collaboration with Flying Fox, this activity offers a zigzag ziplining experience. Test your skills and set new records for everyone to break. You surely are going to love it.

Tubing: India’s first grass tubing sledge offering all-season fun; jump in for pure pleasure with your friends. Indulge in an exhilarating experience as you slide down the descending terrain!

Sumptuous Delights 

Referred to as a ‘Paradise for Foodies’, Skyview offers numerous options for your tummy cravings, each offering delicious and finger-licking cuisine from around the globe, never before in Jammu. You can dine at The Wok – An Oriental Restaurant; Banana Leaf – offering flavours from North & South India; Pine View Café, or Skyview Café by Empyrean as per your taste and choice.

After a day full of adventure and fun, you can shop for some souvenirs at the Skyview Patnitop.

Next-Day – Drive Back To Home!

And that’s how your long weekend escape to Jammu will come to an end.

Skyview Patnitop: Jammu’s newest destination offering breathtaking views, entertainment, adventure & tastes!

Places to visit in Jammu

Jammu region is one of the world’s most sought-after destination for travelers seeking adventure and witness nature at its finest. Just two hours ride from Jammu, lies the hilltop tourist destination, Patnitop which is one of the best places to visit in North India. The summer of 2019 would see the launch of Skyview Patnitop, an integrated destination with the theme “One destination, endless experiences” offering stunning views, entertainment, adventure and a range of food options. The destination’s key highlight would be one of the most scenic and state-of-the art ropeway in India spread between the ground station in Sanget near the famous Chenani Nashri tunnel and top station located at Patnitop and soaring high above the pine trees. The destination offers the following activities:

  • One of the highest (ground clearance) CEN (European) Standard Certified ropeways in Asia with one of the longest spans between its towers, its spacious gondolas offer a captivating view of the scenic destination. The cable car offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness Patnitop sightseeing through never-before-seen panoramic views of Jammu’s hidden gem.
  • Ziplining is for all thrill seekers and adventure enthusiasts who love the rush of hanging from a line, and zipping through the majestic Deodar and Kail trees.
  • If sliding down a slope wasn’t titillating enough, experience tube sledging amongst the magnanimous hill-scapes of Patnitop. If you’ve never been tubing, sitting in an air-filled rubber tube as you slide down a steep slope is something you must try! It’s a rush of excitement and a truly exhilarating experience.
  • Witness the local arts and culture at Skyview’s expansive Amphitheatre. Learn about Patnitop as you sit around the Amphitheatre stage, viewing amazing performances presented by the Patnitop locals and other acts.
  • Aladdin has left behind his magic carpet in Patnitop! Escapade all the way up to the mountain top when taking a ride on the Skyview magic carpet. Experience a sense of solitude as you take in the breathtaking sights all around you. A whole new way of adventure traveling, never seen in India!
  • Indulge in sumptuous varieties of food at the best restaurants in Jammu at Banana Leaf – a 100% vegetarian North & South Indian cuisine restaurant and Pine View – a market café offering an array of international cuisines.

Summer is not too far away, so start planning your this year’s summer visit to the Jammu region and visit Skyview Patnitop for a lifetime experience. Comment below if you know any other beautiful places to visit in North India.