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Weekend Punjabi Street Food

The most attractive element of the diverse Indian culture is its scrumptious food range vouched for its teasy flavour and tempting taste. The choicest hand-picked ingredients are traditionally blended with aromatic spices to manifest signature cuisines.
Punjabi street food is marked by the manually churned buttermilk in huge glass tumblers an inevitable part of the Punjabi cuisine, slow cooked delicacies in clarified butter and desserts with the filling of the love of Punjab.
Skyview by empyrean is hosting a Punjabi Street food promotion every weekend at its banana leaf restaurant. It is enthralled by how Indian foods and especially Panjabi foods have its soul in chutneys or the sauces and the crunch is another aspect of the Indian street food. Generous amount of butter melts as you bite into these delectables. The marinated condiments are allowed to sit on the chicken pieces and make it tender. The menu shall be served pre-plated featuring the rich and traditional street food of Punjab. And will be served as per the A La Carte menu style.
The appealing creamy texture of foods provides a unique experience to all food lovers. Not only non-veg foods, but there’s also an array of vegetarian dishes that are loved by people for ages.