Training and Development at Skyview By Empyrean - Skyview by Empyrean – One Destination, Endless Experiences

Training and Development has evolved today with the ever-changing times. The past year and a half have witnessed a rollercoaster of events, with circumstances never imagined and a tsunami of unthinkable situations. Business insights have changed and so has the customer outlook in so many ways. What has not changed however is the human touch, the hospitable touch no matter the distance required to be maintained in these challenging times.

Training though, is as critical as ever to the success of an organization (especially when it comes to staying competitive in a fierce market). Did you know that 890Bn$ is spent globally on searching for domain expertise? Yet, organizations around are trying to match ever changing team requirements with a strategic training partner.

Hello, my name is Andrew Ryder, a Learning & Development consultant @ Trainings4Success and we are the proud training & development partner of Skyview by Empyrean. The past year has been a wonderful and meaningful association with a theme “Service that Sells”. As an enabler and culture coach, its building the sustainable process to optimize customer delight. While, what I say, may seem straight forward, it’s anything but that.

There just isn’t a one style fits all approach and “we” had to keep in mind several aspects to design and delivery, hence partnering for a proper training experience. The Training partnership thus had to be an investment to the business. Our association started with a GAP analysis which laid the foundations for the interim Training requirements and laid the scope open for additions as the business services evolved. The pandemic was not a deterrent to the agreed vision of what sustainable training and development can bring about for all facets of the business. The Trainings were organized both online as well as physically at Skyview World. The partnership has covered not only the Customer Service requirements of the team but catered from Leadership Development programs to Sales Orientation and setting up of the Customer Care Call centre. To keep the Training Culture Sustainable, a much-required Train the Trainer program was conducted in June.

We look forward to continuously support the participants through various learning tools and once they complete the Training assignments and coaching sessions, look forward to certifying them as part of the training fraternity and Trainers of Skyview by Empyrean. The need for a venue has a plethora of options, ranging from the scenic view at Skyview Terrace (Patnitop) to the spacious Banana Leaf Restaurant at Skyview World (Sanget Valley). We’ve even explored the various options for Off-site company team building programs with accommodation stays, camping with tents to partner experiences with prominent Patnitop hotels. As I said earlier, the journey design has seen an evolution and its anything but straight from the shelf. If I may quote…. “One Destination …Endless Experiences” sums it up