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Skyview Partner Experience (SPE)

Brace yourself for the breathtaking views of Katra and Patnitop hotels by booking an online placement for rooms via Skyview by Empyrean website or by calling on our toll-free number to reinvigorate your dull routine with the Skyview Partner experience.
These hotels are the best in the hospitality setups; therefore, we have a proud association with them. Some are spread over acres surrounded by dense conifers on all sides, some at a minutes’ walk from the Nag Mandir, some next to the ‘Skyview Ropeway’ upper terminal, some vouched for their romantic moods and proximity to the newlyweds and some well-appointed at peaceful locations.
This practice of partnering is initiated with the motive to build stronger relationships with customers, facilitate them, improve their experience, and primarily to boost tourism in Katra and Patnitop. The underlying mission is to promote sustainable tourism through green urban mobility by creating and developing infrastructure to a new and undiscovered destination called Sanget Valley and to promote the exquisite, uncrowded attractions nearby whilst continuing to promote and empower the forgotten hill-station, Patnitop