Safety Series 2nd - Everyday Safety Checks - Skyview by Empyrean – One Destination, Endless Experiences

The safety parameters are endorsed by Skyview project engineers, safety professionals, with a thorough check-up of the job site.            For each operation of a suspended working platform of cabins, Skyview Gondola has a safe work system. Our engineering team safety specialists, site associates, and building management prepares and approves the safety parameters beforehand.

A technically qualified person monitors and supervises the safe operation of working. The supervisor at Skyview Gondola assures that each action of the gondola lift poses no risk to individuals inside or near the working platform.

Everyday Cabin checks

Safety and security are the highest priorities of the Skyview Gondola. To keep everything at 100%, all the cabins are checked daily before the start and completion of the operation.

Safety checks as per the CEN standards

The maintenance trolley, which has been specially designed to carry out the safety checks as per the CEN standards, is being put daily in line along with our trained engineers to check the condition of all the towers, safety devices, including the surrounding areas and the tower foundations.

Station checks

The complete safety check of both stations is being conducted by our highly trained and certified engineers daily for the smooth functioning of the system.

Tower checking and tightening

All the towers are being checked and tightened over regular intervals of time to make the ride of the Skyview Gondola one of the safest rides in the world.

Lubrication and testing as per the CEN standards (European)

Lubrication and testing of all safety devices are performed in accordance with CEN standards, making our system one of the most efficient and modern in the world.

Ethywag’s hydraulic tensioning system

Before starting any operation of the Skyview Gondola, the rope tension is being automatically maintained with the help of the specially designed (Ethywag’s hydraulic tensioning system) that is being installed in our ropeway, thus keeping an automatic control of the rope tension, sag in line and an ability to automatically manage the passenger load in line. This makes our system one of the most efficient systems in the world.