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Place to visit – Bhaderwah

At a two-hour distance from Skyview by Empyrean, is a mini-Kashmir. A title given to Bhaderwah, located in the foothills of the Himalayas. This meadow of forests and streams is a witness to some of the most thrilling horse rides. The contours get veiled in white during the winter tide and experience adrenaline-gushing skiing sports with skiers slipping past the mounded snow, high up, bird-eyeing the pines.

The picturesque landscape has mythological importance too, and its glory as the centre of spirituality will remain forever. Popular for the different species of snakes, Baderwah is also referred to as the Land of Snakes or Nagaon ki Bhoomi.

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness lies in the journey to the top while you are climbing it. Trekking with groups at Bhaderwah or alone in nature’s envelope drives the soul back home.
Bhaderwah, a land of fairs and festivals fete on Mela Patt, which is traditional celebration across local cultures there. It starts on the fifth day, immediately after “Kailash Yatra”, the traditional dance is performed before the deity, and this procession later concludes at Khakhal.

Instagramable spots such as Seoj Meadow, Padri, Chinta Valley, and so on, decorate the area with their mystic beauty. From September, the temperature begins to drop, and the city is completely covered with snow by the end of December.

This valley is a kaleidoscope of nature with the spectrum of colours of God’s canvas and is a part of the endless experience at Skyview by Empyrean.