Patnitop Tour Guide: All You Need To Know, Tourist Places in Patnitop |

Patnitop is one of India’s most scenic hill resorts, surrounded by lush & luxuriant forests and stunning white-snow mountains. Over the years, tourist footfall has been increasing in Patnitop owing to its offering to the visitors, plus the transportation to and from the location is seamless. We have prepared a full-fledged tourism guide which will draw many visitors from all walks of life to this beautiful place. Read on to learn everything about this worth-visiting destination and which tourist places in Patnitop that are worth a visit!

Getting There:

By Air

Patnitop is closest to the Satwari Airport, Jammu. Major airline companies such as Air India, SpiceJet and Indigo operate from and to Jammu from many cities. You have to drive around 110 km by road to Patnitop after you arrive at the airport.

By Train

The closest train stations to Patnitop are Udhampur and Jammu Tawi. There is no direct train to Patnitop and after you enter one of the stations you have to take a separate means of transport – a taxi or bus.

By Road

You may either drive yourself to Patnitop or even take a taxi. In any event, it’s worth the time as the route offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Based on several other variables like weather and road conditions, it takes 1-3 days to reach Patnitop from any city in India. It can be tiring to drive on tough roads, therefore, an experienced driver should be hired to drive you there.

When to Visit?

No doubt you can visit this mesmerising destination any time of the year, but depending upon your preferences, you can decide the right time for your travel. If you are inclined more towards sightseeing and prefer to avoid the cold weather, then you can plan a trip during the summers. For those who want a relaxing stay experience while witnessing the beauty of surrounding landscapes, a visit during the monsoon season is highly recommended. And those who are more into adventure sports, there is no better time to visit than during the winters.

What to Do?


Patnitop is home to various temples that are visited by devotees throughout the year. Citizens from across the country head to various temples resting atop this beautiful hill station such as the temple of Sudh Mahadev, Naag Mandir and many more that are among the most prominent places of worship among visitors and local residents.

Trek to Nathatop

A lovely walk should take you to Nathatop, 14 km from Patnitop. The lower Shivalik range and the Kishtwar mountain range of the Himalayas can be seen from here. The terrain to the summit is rocky and is better experienced on foot or horseback, with the dense trees all around. During summers, you will taste the magic of dense greenery and the heavy snow during the winters.


Come and paraglide close to nature over the majestic mountains of Patnitop. See the beautiful panorama of the hilltop while you drift through the clouds. The excitement of travelling from Dawariyai, approximately 7-8 minutes before Kud, is a must during your vacation in Patnitop!

Skiing at Madhatop

Skiing is one of the most famous activities to experience while at Patnitop. Madhatop is a popular and famous ski resort offering its visitors awe-inspiring views of river Chenab. It offers adrenaline-demanding terrain perfect for beginners as well as experienced skiers. At nearby stores around the site, you can easily find the appropriate gear for your skiing adventure.

Adventure Escape to Skyview

A visit to Skyview Patnitop is a complete adventure package in itself. From India’s highest Gondola Ride to India’s first Zig-zag Zipline, from India’s first Grass Tubing Sledge to first Magic Carpet in India, Skyview Patnitop easily surpasses some of the most famous adventure places in India. You can take part in a number of adventure activities, relish a plate full of local and global flavours, or immerse in the sightseeing activities around the property. In short, as much as you will enjoy, more will unfold to be witnesses!


Patnitop is well-known for its dry fruits and hand-made Kashmiri crafts. You can purchase souvenirs at every location you visit that will remind you of your experiences at this wonderland.

Tummy Refill:

Not only is the food delicious in Patnitop, but it also suits your budget. There are numerous places to eat in Patnitop and you can find a range of local specialities such as Chocolate Barfi, Rice Kalaadi, Sund Panjeera, etc. and indulge in a whole new delectable experience. You can also find delicacies from around the globe, but trying out the local cuisine is highly recommended.

So, pack your bags and start on an experience of a lifetime. Plan your visit soon and admire the splendid landscape that will surprise you every moment of your stay here. Let us know in comments if you know any other tourist places in patnitop.