Less Crowded Holiday Destinations in India to Visit After the Lockdown

After staying indoors for a long time, the desire to travel outdoors among all of us is surely getting stronger every day. However, in the current scenario, the way we travel requires that we follow safety measures and avoid places that are crowded. If you are in Delhi or nearby areas there are many weekend getaways from Delhi where you can head to for a fun-filled time. Our list has places including North India as well as South India. Thus, whether you’re planning to travel after the lockdown with your loved ones or solo, here’s a list of less crowded holiday destinations in India to visit after the lockdown.

1. Serene Goa

serene goa

When talking about holiday destinations in India, Goa is among the first few places that comes to mind. It is the land of beaches and loved by travelers around the world. While many people visit this place, many offbeat places in Goa that are less-crowded which you can explore. Some of the less explored beaches in Goa that you can go after the lockdown include the Butterfly Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Cola Beach, Velsao Beach, Arambol Beach, Mobor Beach and more. A few other locations include Harvalem Falls, Bamanbudo Waterfalls, Cabo De Rama, Netravali Lake, and Pequeno Island. Some of these places are located in areas where even vehicles cannot enter because of the landscape. If you are an adventure seeker, you will surely love the entire experience of exploring these offbeat places that are less crowded as well. South Goa is also a great option to go as it is not explored much by tourists.

2. Cultural Karwar


Located about 91 km from Goa, Karwar is another less explored destination in India where there is very less crowd. This beach town is situated on the border between Goa and Karnataka. This offbeat destination houses several popular temples and offers a lot to those who want to explore the culture of Karwar. Furthermore, for those with an interest in history, there are many forts too that wait to get explored. When it comes to beaches, the Karwar Beach and Rabindranath Tagore Beach will surely delight you with its surreal surroundings and beauty. You can go boating on the beautiful banks of the Kali river or simply walk around and breathe in the natural and fresh surroundings of Karwar. It is the perfect destination to experience the rich culture, take a relaxing stroll amid the serene beaches, and much more.

3. Heavenly Meghalaya

meghalaya holiday destinations in india

One of the most beautiful places to visit in north-east India, Meghalaya offers a plethora of activities including adventure and has many unexplored places. This destination offers fun activities, delicious food, and a variety of festivals that are only celebrated here. Some unique festivals include the Behdeinkhlam festival, the Nongkrem festival, Shad Sukra, and the Wangala festival. It also has the cleanest village in Asia which is Cherapunji. A few offbeat places to go to for those who want to avoid the crowd include Ialong, Mawlyngot, Kongthong, Mawlyngbna, and Umden. Hence with so much to explore in this beautiful state, you can plan a fun-filled yet go to the less-crowded places after the lockdown.

4. Patnitop


Located close to Katra where many pilgrims visit every year to seek blessings in the famous Vaishno Devi Temple, Patnitop is a great place to go to for those who want to explore other places to visit in Katra and around it to experience some thrill and adventure. You can also choose among many places to visit in Jammu when you are here as it is very close to Patnitop. And while you are at Patnitop, you might want to head to Skyview Patnitop as it is one of the top places to visit in Patnitop. This site is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Patnitop and offers a lot to outdoor lovers. It is a one-stop site that offers a gamut of adventure activities including magic carpet, hiking, zipline, ropeway ride, and more. Additionally, it also has restaurants that offer a variety of delicacies that you can savor while you enjoy the time with your loved ones. Not only it will be less crowded, but this site is also taking all the necessary measures right from the entry till the exit. So if you are dreaming of traveling to places after the lockdown, these are a few places that are safe for you to travel to. Most of these places are less-explored.

Skyview Patnitop has set guidelines to ensure that the site is safe to visit with proper social distancing practices along with conducting temperature checks and usage of proper PPE kit by the associates. Furthermore, all the adventure activity areas too are well-sanitized and will operate in a limited capacity for the safety of the visitors. So here it is, the list of less crowded holiday destinations in India to visit with your friends and family or solo after the lockdown.

Which of these places would you want to travel to as soon as the lockdown gets over?