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Introducing ATVs (All-terrain Vehicles)

Skyview by Empyrean is launching ATVs as an exciting new option for adventure enthusiasts aged 18 and over. “All-Terrain Vehicles are designed to handle a wide variety of terrains, including off-road environments of dirt, mud, sand, and rocky terrain. It is the epitome of adventure for the enthusiasts who love to pull off  the terrains of off-roading and racing exuberantly, as well as for utilitarian purposes such as hunting, and forestry. ATVs typically have four large wheels and are steered using handlebars, like a motorcycle. It is an intriguing adventure activity that will offer you a surge of excitement.

For those with a strong sense of curiosity and wonder and who love the feeling of being drawn to the unknown and the unfamiliar to experience different cultures, cuisines, landscapes, and ways of life, ATVs are the most ideal.

Nothing compares to the speed, adrenaline rush, and thrill that it brings. Riding an ATV is safe for both beginners and professionals, therefore no prior experience is required.

The cost for a single person to ride an ATV for 3 kilometres with endless experience is INR 1,599. An offer for a 10-kilometre ATV ride for one person is priced at INR 2,599. This offer is like the previous one, but the distance of the ride is longer, potentially resulting in more time spent on the ATV.

These offers allow a single person to experience riding an ATV and experience a destination with endless experiences with the rawness of nature and green space maintained in and around the property.