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Featuring Mr Ali Jaffery – AVP of Sales at Skyview by Empyrean

With dense experience in sales and business development, Mr Ali Jaffery loves to take on challenging projects that allow him to apply his varied knowledge creatively and contribute meaningfully to Skyview’s exponential growth. Having worked with companies like Reliance Broadcast Network, AdLabs Films Ltd and Ma Foi, Mr Jaffery has nearly 15 years of work experience in the sales and business development domain. He joined the team three years ago and has been instrumental in driving Skyview by Empyrean’s sales strategies and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Tell us about your previous work experiences?

I started my career working as a Business Development Manager for Ma Foi back in 2005. I have always gravitated towards business plan and sales strategy development. I worked my way up the corporate ladder and eventually joined the Reliance Broadcast Network, where I got promoted to the role of Regional Cluster Head of North India for 92.7 Big FM. Overall, I have spent 15 years in the sales and business development domain, helping companies execute their sales strategies and develop strategic alliances.

How does a typical workday at Skyview by Empyrean look for you?

As the Head of Sales, my day starts early with calls from various stakeholders. I have to be well connected with our traders, partner hotels, and my team members. A significant part of the job is coordinating with people, something I love to do. I also have to travel regularly to our offices in Jammu and Katra, besides coordinating efforts at our customer care reservation centre. It’s a demanding job that keeps me on my toes, which I believe brings out the best in me.

What do you like about your job at Skyview by Empyrean?

The magnanimity of what we are doing at Skyview by Empyrean is really exciting and motivating. It’s one of the biggest reasons that I love my job so much because the possibilities going forward are endless. I have never met a single person who was not awestruck after witnessing what Skyview by Empyrean has to offer. My job also requires me to travel constantly, something I love to do being a travel enthusiast.

How do you envision the future of Skyview by Empyrean?

I joined the Skyview by Empyrean three years ago, and the pace at which we have grown is very impressive. The best thing about Skyview by Empyrean is that we are always upgrading our infrastructure — it’s an ever-moving endeavour. And given our upcoming projects and branding roll-out, Skyview by Empyrean will be a prime international tourist destination, unparalleled in the experiences we have to offer.

How do you like to spend your time when you are not working?

I am a travel enthusiast, so I love to always be on the move. I love hiking, going on long drives and camping in the wilderness. Family is my utmost priority, and I make sure to spend as much time as possible with them, especially with my daughter.

Any message for our readers?

Come to Skyview! I promise the range of experiences we have to offer will make you fall in love with Sanget Valley.