Get to Know Series: ZigZag Zipline - Skyview by Empyrean – One Destination, Endless Experiences

Get to know series- ZigZag Zipline

All set to challenge yourself? How about trying the longest zipline in India? Zip past nine wires, 10 poles, three more poles for practice, and get that adrenaline rushing!
The zipline at Skyview by Empyrean is India’s first and Asia’s longest zigzag zipline, with a total length of 580 meters. In its execution and traction, it places a high value on operational, technical, and environmental safety. The vacationers test their grit with the high-quality, UIAA-certified equipment, such as harnesses, helmets, carbines, and pulleys, manufactured by leading Italian brands for mountaineering and sport climbing.

The qualified instructors give a detailed demonstration on the practice zipwire and make vacationers practice before proceeding on the actual zip wire. A line of continuous belay (the steel cable) is stretched along all the poles. A non-removable safety ring (Aeroline) is also provided from the very start. This belay system assures the vacationers of their safety as it won’t get off the zipwire and is only removed at the end of the activity.

In addition to conquering fear, the activity instils the qualities of confidence, tolerance, cooperation, and encouragement. It boosts the dopamine levels of an individual by allowing him to counter his comfort zone, achievement after taking a healthy risk, new friendships, and a positive self-image.

If an adventure enthusiast wishes to continue his or her interest in activities outside of the immediate learning environment, he or she can participate independently in follow-up courses where these are available.