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Also known as the “Paradise on Earth’’, Jammu and Kashmir in the north offer a wide avenue for travellers. Patnitop, located in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir, is a small hill station known to be the epitome of natural beauty and is the perfect getaway for relaxation, vacation, and recreation with your friends and family.

If a native, this place should be your ultimate destination for the much-needed excursion.  Be it the scenic beauty of the lush green valley full of deodar and kail trees in summers, serene snow-capped mountains and magical snowfall in winters, or even the perfect relaxing monsoons, Patnitop will definitely unwind and awake the adventurer in you and will be a surreal experience in any season. Situated at an elevation of 2024m, this place grants you a breath-taking look at the mesmerising Shivalik Range of the Himalayas and many such staggering views.

Patnitop is well-connected and easily accessible by national highways. Once reached, the adventure activities in Patnitop will enable you and your dear ones to experience a plethora of thrilling activities. Skyview Patnitop, as a spur, is dedicated to giving you these memorable experiences by offering various activities starting from a zestful gondola ride, paragliding, and skiing to a heart throbbing ziplining and many more, which will get your adrenaline pumping. It owns up to its tagline- ‘’One Destination, Endless Experiences’’.  Apart from these exciting activities, the nearby sightseeing tours and treks from Patnitop like Madhatop, Sanasar, Nathatop, and Mantalai are a splendid treat for the visitors. These local areas have stories, cuisines, culture, and art to explore which makes the experience, not just intriguing but introspecting as well. One can find himself by feeling the nature’s alluring vibes and aura this place has to offer.

Adventure tourism in Patnitop pave way for some spectacular tourist attractions mentioned below to invest that pent-up energy in you:

Bhaderwah:  Popularly called ‘Mini Kashmir’, Bhaderwah is located on the foothills of the middle Himalayas and is situated at a distance of 80km from Patnitop. Picturesque scenery, dense virgin forests, flowers bestrewing the meadows, Bhaderwah has got it all. The journey from Patnitop to Bhaderwah, in its own, is an ultimate experience.

Mantalai: This place is surrounded by lush deodar forests and is considered to be the place where Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati, which is why it holds a prominent value among the locals and tourists alike. Being the source to Parvati river, a trek from Patnitop to Mantalai gives an eye-catching view to the trekkers.

Gauri Kund: One of the widely known Hindu pilgrimage sites, Gauri Kund is an ascent trek of 43 km covered in 5 to 6 hours starting from your stay in Patnitop. Visited by millions of pilgrims every year, it is the prime tourist attraction renowned for its resplendent landscapes and avenues. The route takes you through forests, over boulders, around meadows, and finally down a steep mountainside.

Baglihar Dam: The splashing sound of water between two hills is one of the most spectacular feelings offered by this man-made project on the Chenab river. The Baglihar Dam stands out beautifully and a visit to this place will be a no cliché tourist site which will make you witness something unrealistically real.

So, get ready, pack your bags, prepare your cameras, take a deep breath, and be ready to go on an enduring, unforgettable and dauntless ride to Patnitop and its environs. Since, words cannot do justice to this beauty, go and feel it!

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