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Kud is a scenic town on the Udhampur-Srinagar highway, situated at a distance of 100 km from Jammu, 34 km from Udhampur city, and about 5 km from the popular tourist place Patnitop. Part of the Lower Himalayan Range, Kud is located at 33.08°N 75.28°E with an average elevation of 1855 meters (6085 feet). The beautiful panoramic views from such a high vantage point have earned Kud recognition as one of J&K’s most scenic spots. Moreover, the river Chenab flows through its vicinity with lush green trees to give this place an enchanting aura that leaves people mesmerized all year round!

A breathtaking destination, Kud is a perfect place for those who love trekking. The scenic destinations offer an excellent escape from the crowds and city life. Campsites are available in the adjacent areas to make it easy for wilderness enthusiasts of all levels. Kud is an adventure seeker’s paradise. The quaint town attracts tourists from all over India because it offers various trekking opportunities, ranging in difficulty and terrain. You can find excellent camping spots not too far away that will satisfy those who love to hike or camp out under the stars. Kud is more than just another place on your map – with vast expanses filled with beautiful forests and meadows; rich cultures full of unique customs; bustling markets bursting into life every day as people go about their daily business or shop around for bargains; friendly locals happy to welcome tourists. Most importantly, Kud is home to a confectionary that has attained a national reputation for its quality, taste and legacy.

Things to do in Kud

Buy Sweets From Prem Di Hatti

Kud is famous for its delicious confectionery, especially the Desi Ghee Patisa. The local confectioners believe that the Patisa gets its flavour from the spring water of the Kud, and if it’s made from the same ingredients somewhere else, the Patisa would not taste the same. So anyone travelling from Jammu to Kashmir or vice versa usually makes a complimentary stop at Kud to buy sweets in bulk to take home for their families and friends.

While you will find over 50 sweet shops on both sides of the road — each of them offering mouth-watering varieties of sweets — the most famous sweet shop is Prem Di Hatti (Prem Sweets). The owners of the quaint, old-fashioned sweet shop in Jammu have been making delicious handmade sweets since 1925. The founder Pandit Lok Nath Khajuria, had a firm belief that using locally produced desi ghee and other high-quality ingredients would result in a unique taste for his customers; this was an idea he passed on to all those who followed him at Prem Sweets. For over three generations, the tradition of handcrafting sweets with humility and honesty has been passed down at Prem Sweets. As a result, Prem Sweets has gained fame for a delicious collection of traditional Indian sweets that are perfect for any occasion. The most sought after item on their menu is the crisp, flaky and freshly made Patisa, prepared with a delicious handcrafted combination of besan, sugar and pure desi ghee.

In the age of easy, pre-packed snacks and mass production, Prem Sweets stands out as a rare gem where sweets are still lovingly handcrafted with traditional ingredients. The nostalgic flavours are reminiscent of childhood memories of sugar-filled moments when everything tasted natural.

Take a Stroll in the Kud Park

The Kud Park is known for the countless varieties of flowers and doubles up as a popular picnic spot for touring parties and families. The beautiful scenery of Kud Park is flanked by forests that are both lush and inviting. Kud Park provides a stunning backdrop of the beautiful and majestic Himalayas for those who want to soak in some mountain air. Kud Park offers you an opportunity to witness amazing views and explore nature’s untamed wilderness with plenty of hiking trails that take you through lush forests full of plants, trees, flowers and wildlife.

Strolling on nature trails is a great way to have fun and relax. Kud has something for everyone, with its lush forests where you can explore the diverse flora or simply settle for a picnic in the park while admiring the fresh breeze. With vibrant coloured flowers and tall green trees, a stroll in Kud Park will do wonders to help you loosen up from all of life’s stresses. After strolling through these verdant pastures, it would be hard not to feel one with nature as you witness the beautiful sunset over the horizon.

Take a Crispy Bite of Kalari Cheese

Kud is home to one of the world’s most unique traditionally ripened cheese called Kalari. It’s unlike any other cheese you would have tasted before. It’s made of cow or goat milk and has a stretchy texture and mozzarella-like flavour that simply melts in your mouth. The flavour is mild, but it will leave the taste buds on their toes. Traditionally, Kalari is made from raw full-fat milk that’s vigorously churned in an iron pot until a molten mass of solids is created in the pot. Sour or curdled milk is then added to separate the molten solids. In the next step, the curd is continuously flipped by hand to create a stretchy texture. The flattened cheese is then cooled and allowed to sun dry enough to let its exterior covering solidify while letting its interior stay moist. Kalaris are best consumed after sautéing them until the cheese develops a crispy golden layer. A little salt is also added to enhance their taste.